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Build Stronger Cases In One Platform

Subpoena + Search Warrant +
Pen Register + Location Ping + Wire

Telephone and internet, historical and live, PLX meets all of your communications collection and analysis needs in one unified platform.

  • Normalize data from hundreds of diverse data sources
  • Customize analytical functions and reports without limit
  • Identify commonalities and patterns of behavior
  • Calculate frequencies with custom filters and grouping

Automatic File Loading

PLX offers an exclusive, one-step Autoload process, capable of automatically loading an extensive set of proprietary service provider file formats, coupled with the ability to load any combination of file types simultaneously.

  • Call detail records (CDRs)
  • Cell tower dumps and Google geofences
  • RTT data
  • Cell phone forensic extractions (UFED, XRY, and more)
  • Social media search warrant returns (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more)
  • Email search warrant returns (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hushmail, and more)

Unified Mapping

PLX’s unified map offers a comprehensive set of functions to input, analyze, and present a wide variety of geolocation data that you collect for your investigations.

  • Map any record type: Cell Sector Usage, Range to Tower (RTT), Location Pings, Subscriber Addresses, IP Addresses, Snapchat Geolocations, Google Geofence data, EXIF data extracted from images, Facebook Locations, and much more.
  • Identify patterns of movement.  With one click, watch PLX navigate through each location as they occurred over time.
  • Customize your map with the ability to display nearby cell towers, create places of interest, hide or display any location on the map, and more.
  • Share your results. Record your map screen and export the recording to share with others

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