Tips and Tricks for Leveraging Facebook and Instagram

in Investigations


Elizabeth Bigham Special Agent III, Georgia Bureau of Investigation

Scott Tuma IP Program Director,  PenLink


Complimentary Webinar

Law Enforcement-Led Thought Leadership Series


Wednesday, July 15, 2:00 pm CT


Online via GoToWebinar



Session Description 

This session includes an overview of what data types, both live and historical, you can receive from Facebook and Instagram, and how frequently “live” data is sent from the providers. This session will also include a short demo on managing internet-based content in PLX.

Featured Topics

  • Available communication types from Facebook and Instagram
  • Data return formats and their advantages
  • Identifying when a target is deleting their messages
  • Additional insights from account info, including linked email addresses, phone numbers, and more
  • Using IP Addresses from login activity to identify a target’s location
  • Precise tracking of targets using Facebook location history
  • Live Facebook intercepts, including available data/content types and delivery frequency
  • PLX’s live monitoring window for social media intercepts
  • See the value of how Facebook cookies helped on a live case investigation

Session Speaker

Elizabeth Bigham, Georgia Bureau of Investigation
Elizabeth Bigham is a Special Agent (S/A) with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and has been employed since March of 2007.  S/A Bigham was assigned to a field office where she worked various criminal cases, including homicide, armed robbery, child abuse/molestation, theft, aggravated assault, and rape.  In July of 2013, S/A BIGHAM transferred to the Child Exploitation and Computer Crimes Unit (CEACC), where she currently conducts proactive and reactive investigations involving crimes against children on the Internet.  These types of investigations include possession/distribution/manufacturing of child pornography, solicitation of minors via the Internet, and the commercial sex trafficking of minors.

Scott Tuma, IP Program Director, PenLink
Mr. Tuma has over 13 years of experience at PenLink.  He works closely with Law Enforcement Agencies at the State, Federal, and International level, focused exclusively on internet communication data in investigations.

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