Images in Investigations:  More than Meets the Eye

Nick Masters Detective, Broward County Sheriff's Office

Scott Tuma IP Program Director,  PenLink


Complimentary Webinar

Law Enforcement-Led Thought Leadership Series


Wednesday, July 29, 2:00 pm CT


Online via GoToWebinar



Session Description 

Did you know that there’s more to images than just the visual context? This session explores how you can go beyond merely looking at photos for incriminating information. Intel from underlying EXIF information can be used in virtually every investigation, including homicide investigations, drug and stolen good cases, sexual assault, ICAC cases, and more.

Featured Topics

  • The unknown intel that photos can provide
  • What is EXIF data, and how it can be used in investigations (date, time, and precise location info) 
  • Appropriately asking for EXIF data in Search Warrants
  • Information from images received via social media providers
  • Mapping images in PLX
  • Analyzing every image in your data set with PLX’s Image Gallery
  • Exporting images from PLX

Session Speaker

Nick Masters, Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Internet Crimes Against Children and Human Trafficking Task Unit
Detective Masters has conducted investigations related to child sexual exploitation for over 14 years, including sex trafficking, child pornography, online enticement/travelers, narcotics, prostitution, and gambling cases.  Detective Masters is also an instructor for Fox Valley Technical College and has provided training in the united states and internationally.  He has also assisted with development of OJJDP/MEC Proactive Child Sex Trafficking Investigations training curriculum.  

Scott Tuma, IP Program Director, PenLink
Mr. Tuma has over 13 years of experience at PenLink.  He works closely with Law Enforcement Agencies at the State, Federal, and International level, focused exclusively on internet communication data in investigations.

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