Fitting Snapchat into your investigation

Josh Lawrence
Detective, Modesto Police Department


Complimentary Webinar

Law Enforcement-Led Thought Leadership Series


Wednesday, June 3, 2:00 - 3:00 pm CT


Online via GoToWebinar



Session Description 

Snapchat’s attraction is what makes it so elusive – automatically deleting messages and posts. A seemingly perfect platform for bad guys to communicate, plan and execute crimes without a trace. But, is there evidence available to assist in your investigation? 

In this session listen to one investigator’s experience in effectively utilizing Snapchat in his investigations. Learn how Snapchat can assist in your investigation through undercover accounts, preservation letters and search warrants.

Featured Topics 

  • Snapchat 101 - User interface, features, account names vs vanities, "ephemeral" messaging
  • Search Warrant Process - Preservations, features and volume to write for, follow up correspondence, timelines
  • Processing Returns - Chat logs, Snaps vs replies vs Memories, piggyback warrants
  • Creating a UC Account - Importance to future investigations, how to, persona management, blocking accounts
  • Proactive Use of UC Account - How to find accounts, capturing evidence, pitfalls of direct messaging, adding friends

Session Speaker

Josh Lawrence, Modesto Police Department
Josh Lawrence is a Homicide Detective with the Modesto Police Department in California. During his investigative career, Josh has successfully utilized social media,  including Snapchat, to solve homicides, track suspects, target known offenders, identify co-conspirators, contact witnesses and much more.  Prior to joining law enforcement, he served as an Intelligence Analyst with the United States Army and continues to serve as an Army Reserve Soldier. During his military service Josh has been able to work with and learn from numerous domestic federal partners, foreign government intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and SOCOM elements. 

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