In a corrections environment, leveraging Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) powered by AI is essential for maintaining safety and efficiency despite limited resources. Download and learn four of the most prevalent security issues facing corrections facilities and how an OSINT solution can address those challenges. 

Four Pillars:

  • Identifying & Managing STGs: OSINT helps proactively manage Security Threat Groups (STGs) by analyzing online platforms for connections and potential threats, providing insight into inmate networks and nefarious activities.
  • Controlling Contraband: By integrating OSINT with operational systems, corrections officers can target contraband networks both inside and outside facilities, disrupting the flow of illegal items and preventing health-related issues like overdoses.
  • Correctional Officer Safety: AI-powered OSINT acts as a force multiplier, enabling officers to analyze vast amounts of data to identify and prevent violent incidents, ensuring a safer work environment despite critical staffing shortages.
  • Drone Interdiction: OSINT platforms, combined with other technologies, aid in detecting and monitoring unauthorized drone operations near facilities, allowing for rapid response and proactive measures to maintain prison security.

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