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Broaden Your Community With PLX Connect

PLX Connect allows agencies to share and search data in a safe and secure way. By leveraging the data in this larger collective community, investigators can make faster case connections, increase officer safety, and identify larger criminal networks. 


Cross-Agency Intelligence

  • Search to see if a communication ID exists in a case at another agency.
  • Find out if a target is under investigation by another agency.

Securely Gain Insights

  • Ensure informational integrity with end-to-end encryption.
  • Safely query other PLX systems where an authorized connection is established.

Manage Accessibility

  • Control who can request information from your agency.
  • Review and approve or deny connection requests before they are established.


PLX Connect uses a multi-step registration process, giving users complete confidence in community security. Contact us today to discover how to leverage cross-agency analysis to save valuable time and reduce effort.

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