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Understanding the Impact of 5G on Lawful Interception  


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5G is here. Are you ready? This webinar will make sure 5G doesn’t leave you behind. Our in-house experts take you through the essentials of 5G and how it will affect law enforcement specifically. 

Join us for a conversation about 5G migration and its impact on lawful interception. We’ll provide straightforward answers to all your questions and show you how PenLink customers are already ingesting 5G data successfully. 

Don’t miss this chance to better understand 5G and how you can prepare for migration. 


By the end of this webinar, you’ll learn:

• What’s changing with 5G and when will 4G be obsolete. 
• How will law enforcement intercepts be impacted? 
• See how PenLink customers are ingesting 5G data with success! 
• How you can prepare for a migration to 5G. 

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"I have used PLX heavily to cross-queue disparate datasets (social media, CDRs, cell site, PCMD). Doing so saved me a lot of analytical man-hours."

"Properly leveraging the unique capabilities of PLX allows us to more effectively analyze and visualize our forensic extractions, subpeona results, email, and social media returns, and improve counter-network capabilities."

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